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The Best Blues Clubs in Chicago

Larry Soldinger is the managing partner of L J Soldinger Associates, LLC, an accounting firm based in Deer Park, Illinois. In his free time, Larry Soldinger enjoys visiting the blues bars in Chicago and has been invited to sing at several of them.

Chicago, the home of Chess Records, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, and other blues musicians, was a major venue in the early days of blues. The city’s vibrant blues bar scene continues the tradition and pays homage to that history. According to Time Out magazine, here are three of the best blues bars in Chicago:

1. Kingston Mines: Located in Lincoln Park, this bar offers two stages and, with two bands playing simultaneously, offers a little more variety than other bars. The bar tends to feature local musicians but books out-of-town acts on occasion.

2. Rosa’s Lounge: Found in the West Side neighborhood, Rosa’s Lounge is owned by drummer Tony Mangiullo and his mother. The club books both Chicago and out-of-town musicians, hosts a weekly jam, and is always packed, which adds to the excitement and ambience.

3. Buddy Guy’s Legends: Buddy Guy himself plays this club every January and can often be found hanging out at the bar during the rest of the year. Local and touring bands take the stage every night, and free acoustic shows are held during lunch and dinner.


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