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Blue Farm Winery - Respected Sonoma Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Producer

Larry Soldinger is a respected accountant in Deer Park, Illinois, who has guided L J Soldinger Associates, LLC, as managing partner for the past 27 years. A wine aficionado and frequent traveler to Napa Valley, Larry Soldinger has a son who serves as a wine industry professional and a daughter-in-law who works as the head of marketing for the esteemed Blue Farm Winery in Sonoma County, California.

Established in 2001, Blue Farm Winery started with 7 acres of plantings on a farm owned by Anne Moller-Racke in the community of Carneros. Moller-Racke had been involved in the wine industry since the early 1980s through the family-run Buena Vista Winery and helped create the Carneros Wine Alliance.

The Blue Farm Winery concept involved creating one complex wine through a blending of four clones. Renowned winemaker Kenneth Juhasz joined the operation in 2003 to help perfect the winery’s signature Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in a “Burgundian grand cru style.”

The vineyards that currently contribute to Blue Farm Winery’s wines include the 1861 Vineyard in the Sonoma Valley AVA and the Gaps' Crown Vineyard in the Sonoma Coast AVA. The winery takes its name from a late 19th century blue-painted Queen Anne farmhouse just south of historic Sonoma in the nine-acre Anne Katherina Vineyard.


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